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​We are dedicated to educating folks about personal finance in a fun & non-threatening way. The math is simple. The results are life-changing. We have three goals for our readers: become debt-free, save & invest for your future & protect what you have built with proper insurance.If you have struggled in the past with your finances or are just starting out in your career, we are here to help you achieve you goals. If you have consumer debt, we will show you how to know where your money goes & how to keep more of it. Getting out of debt is the most important first step to financial independence.Sheila Macintosh's photo

​Senior Writer

​Sheila Macintosh

​Sheila Macintosh is Vice President of Communications for I Love Fortunes, LLC. Sheila has been with the company for nearly ten years, working her way up from copywriter to now Vice President, where she oversees content marketing, strategy development, internal and external communications for our fast-growing personal finance training site.Previously, Sheila held various public relations roles as a free-lancer, and worked on health accounts including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Phillips Healthcare.Sheila holds a BA in Communications with a minor in History from Washington State University.Sheila enjoys learning about personal finance, obviously, but also baking & golf (but not at the same time). Her golf game could always use some coaching from a professional, but her baking is stellar.Her favorite book on Personal Finance is “Your Money or Your Life” by Vicki Robin. Those Nine Steps really changed how she feels about money and started her on the path of Financial Independence. She agrees wholeheartedly with Oprah who said, “This is a wonderful book. It can really change your life.”Sheila had struggled with debt her entire adult life. Seems that easy access to credit cards as a student was her downfall. Racking up high interest debt put her in a very dangerous position financially. She decided that the only way to have a less stressful life was to work her way out of that oppressive debt.It was a major struggle, but finally she was able to claim victory in 2010 & has been consumer debt-free ever since. She still has a mortgage, but she considers that ‘good’ debt as her home is worth much more than her remaining balance on her mortgage. Plus, she really, really enjoys her home.She can now devote her career to helping others get out from under heavy debt burdens by showing them how she did it. Her articles here on I Love Fortunes are a good roadmap to follow. She will work hard to find useful information to help you get out of debt and save for retirement.

Will Nelson Photo

​Photographer & Writer

​Will Nelson

​Will Nelson is a co-founder of I Love Fortunes, LLC. He graduated from the University of Washington, but does not hold that over Sheila at all.Will has been a serial entrepreneur and enjoys helping businesses get a handle on their finances. He specializes in optimizing systems and finding out the best way to get the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for business expenses.Will enjoys reading insurance policies (yeah, we know that is kind of weird) and is fond of writing about them, too. He had a life-changing event in his life when his wife died unexpectedly. She left him with a sizable Life Insurance policy, and he will be forever grateful for her foresight in making sure he was properly protected from a financial disaster. Without this insurance, he would have struggled mightily to have kept their house and comfortable lifestyle they had built together.

​Editor & Technical

​Adam Cardenas

​Adam has learned from the school of hard knocks. He has been a waiter, a freelance writer, WordPress developer and a dad. He enjoys playing golf with his buddies (when he isn’t working on this web site). He also likes to play the occasional game of poker.Adam is someone who loves to teach others from his experience. He knows that finance can be a very dry topic for many, but he realizes that it is especially important for all of us to understand how money works. While the love of money may be the root of all evil, living without money can be devastating.Follow along as he and our other writers build a resource to help you navigate the sometime tricky waters of financial freedom. Be sure to go to the Contact Us page if you have any questions or topic suggestions for us. A prompt reply is our promise.

​If the stock market makes your head swim, we will explain how investing works so you can be a smart consumer of financial advice. You’ll never have to meet with your stock broker or financial advisor and wish you could understand what they are talking about.If you have avoided talking to an insurance agent because you feel intimidated by what they might be trying to sell you, we will hold your hand through all the jargon and help you ask intelligent questions.How are we different from all the other personal finance resources on the web?Well, we are not afraid to tell you about our personal journey through the dangerous waters of finance that we have experienced. Hopefully, our style will match yours and keep you engaged with our content. We will tackle hard questions as honestly as possible. Bear in mind, we are not investment gurus or economic PhDs. That will be clear from our writing style. All the math we talk about should be able to be understood by a 4th grader!

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